No Right to Impede Exploiting Palestinian Elections

by Mamdouh Nofal on 26/01/2005

After Mahmoud Abbas won the Palestinian elections, he received several congratulatory messages and calls, not only from the Arab leaders, but also from international ones. Could this international adoption of the Palestinian presidential elections and the U.S. awareness toward the Palestinian cause be an opportunity to improve the Palestinian position in the conflict, or is […]

Between External Conspiracies And A Rebellion

by Mamdouh Nofal on 12/08/2004

The Palestinian political regime has been living through a crisis ever since the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993. Many wrote about this crisis; especially the part pertaining to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its “backbone,” Fatah. Despite the consensus that this formulated crisis is dangerous and foreshadows insalubrious outcomes, it crisis remains untreated. The […]

Fatah’s Dilemma

by Mamdouh Nofal on 25/07/2004

When the events of Gaza occurred, I asked myself are the continuance of the abduction operations, the resignation of army officers and the demand for reform a planned “revolution” in the organization of “corrective movement?” Are we witnessing a partition inside the ruling party (Fatah), with the intent of toppling Arafat and Fatah’s leadership, in […]

Would The Palestinians Agree To A National Rescue Plan?

by Mamdouh Nofal on 01/11/2003

The Palestinian thinkers and analyzers, opposing and supporting the peace process, agree that the Palestinian political regime, the Authority and the opposition, is passing through an intellectual, political, structural and complex crisis, the roots of which are interlaced and the opponents of which support one another. In addition, there is an economic crisis that threatens […]

Failure Of Qureih’s Mission Jeopardizes Palestinian Fate

by Mamdouh Nofal on 11/10/2003

In sensitive cases and moments, Arafat has taken the habit of making surprise moves, and this time was no exception when he issued his presidential decree on 5/10/2003 stipulating a state of emergency and the formation of an emergency government, following his meeting with Qureih. The emergency government consists of eight ministers, knowing that Arafat […]