In The Interest Of Palestinians And Arabs

by Mamdouh Nofal on 06/01/2004

Despite their bitter state of affairs, the Palestinian are actually concerned about Iraqis and wish that their occupation would end and hope for Iraq to become a unified sovereign state. The Palestinians also fear that the Iraqi wound would deepen, and accordingly, the Arabs would divert their attention to Iraq and disregard the Palestinian cause. […]

The Regional Security And The Peace Process

by Mamdouh Nofal on 10/12/2003

The people of the Middle East have learned from long experience that the security of their region is inseparably linked to Palestinian/Arab-Israeli peace. Whenever regional security breaks down, immediately the peace process also breaks down, and the opposite is true. At present the security of the region is under the impact of the events of […]

The Shift In Iraq: A Heavy Price And Dangerous Repercussions For All

by Mamdouh Nofal on 01/04/2003

The preparations for war against Iraq took several long months. American and British intelligence services collected a large amount of information about the Iraqi military capacities and the people’s mood. But when the war actually broke out, these war planners, as well as analysts and neutral observers, were shocked by the Iraqi troops’ resistance and […]

Will Sharon Occupy Gaza And Sideline Arafat?

by Mamdouh Nofal on 04/03/2003

While the world is busy with the Iraqi crisis, Israel intensified its atrocities against the Palestinian people amid total silence by the Arab world and the international community. However, the Americans voiced a strong justification for the Israeli aggression as the U.S. considered the killing of civilians a “justified right that Israel was practicing for […]