It Is In The National Interest To Give Abbas A Chance (2/2)

by Mamdouh Nofal on 21/07/2003

They are doing everything they can to blackmail Abbas and his ministers. They deliberately embarrass and weaken them at all levels. The many political and security meetings that were held between the Palestinians and the Israelis revealed that Ariel Sharon and his ministers refuse to commit themselves to end the assassinations, arrests and storming the […]

Cease-Fire Only A Stage In Roadmap

by Mamdouh Nofal on 26/06/2003

Both the Aqaba and Sharm Al-Sheikh summits were incentives to boost the political movement toward the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict according to the vision suggested by Bush one year ago and drafted by the international Quartet, to become what is called the Roadmap. Palestinian-Israeli meetings, which had been frozen by the Sharon government for […]

Will Abbas Withstand Domestic and Foreign Pressure?

by Mamdouh Nofal on 27/05/2003

Since his appointment as prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas has faced considerable obstacles, both domestic and foreign. These were not limited to the negative attitude of the opposition faction toward the creation of the position of prime minister and his appointment to that position. We all remember the conflict within the Palestinian Authority over that same […]

Give Abu Mazen And His Government A Chance

by Mamdouh Nofal on 25/03/2003

The creation of a prime minister position within the Palestinian Authority, and the appointment of Abu Mazen to that post, has stirred considerable debate among the Palestinians. Besides Abu Ammar’s hesitation to approve of this new measure, the opposition of some Palestinian leadership representatives results from a misreading of the current situation. Their comments do […]